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MOM accompanies you by providing our team management and talent recruitment experience in order to ensure that your restaurant is always up-to-date and your team always has the best tools at its disposal.

We offer you our headhunting service

We help you reach the goal of having a motivated and committed human team with members who are all on the same page. We believe that people are a company’s key value.
We offer you our headhunting service, which includes selection consulting for talent recruitment at the national and international level.

We define the needs for positions and roles at your business.

Making the best of the different skills and abilities of each person. We analyze their professional development, detecting your team members’ skills and attitudes and assessing whether they are performing adequately in their position.

We create a talent map to determine employee performance and potential at the company.

Our school is the best talent incubator.

We train leading professionals based on the belief that their professional success is dependent on a combination of the homologated official education that we offer and all of the additional training necessary to acquire the skills necessary for them to address the real-life needs of the job market.

Our students stand out for their mastery of people skills (soft skills), such as emotion management, communication, leadership and team management. We also stand out for our dedication to the professionalization of the sector through teaching business management, digitalization, advanced-level languages, the circular economy and sustainability. All of our students complete internships at the world’s leading Michelin Star restaurants, also benefitting from the experience that they acquire as a part of their daily work at the school’s in-house restaurant.

Development of national and international businesses

We work with chefs and/or brands that want to position themselves at the international level in the culinary sector and expand their business internationally. We provide turnkey projects, taking care of all processes from start to finish.

R+D+i | Comprehensive culinary advising and consulting

Our R+D+i Department helps restaurant companies advance and transform their business into an innovative and unique initiative committed to sustainability.

Work with MOM

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